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Lots of weight loss products come in the form of pills that contain supplements which work differently to help you lose weight. They however do not work in isolation and must be taken with healthy diets and physical exercise regimens.


Hoodia is a weight loss product originating from a South African plant. It helps cut weight and avoid over eating since it suppresses your appetite.


Caffeine is a stimulant found in tea, coffee and colas. It is added to weight loss products to help burn fat and calories. It increases a hormone called epinephrine in the blood which enhances your metabolic rate and therefore burn fats that are stored in the muscle tissues.


Green tea is a weight loss product that burns calories. It contains EGCG, an antioxidant that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine, leading to burning of fats and calories in the body.


Exotic fruits such as the African mango seed, acai fruit berries, and lichi are some of the exotic fruits used to make weight loss products in the form of pills. They contain soluble fiber that reduce appetite and reduce body fat.


It is a soluble dietary fiber that reduces appetite. It has the active ingredient lipozene a weight loss supplement that helps lose weight by swelling up with water in the stomach. It works best with low calorie diets to reduce pounds of body fat.

Different weight loss products work differently for everyone and may have harmful side effects. Care should be taken when using them to ensure they are safe for human consumption. They are a great motivation to changing of lifestyle to healthier options. Its however advisable to get a long term plan since they are best used over a short period of time.

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