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Weight loss drugs are mainly used by people who can’t lose weight by healthy diet or physical exercise. They help lose weight rapidly and to ensure you do not regain it, it is best to consider healthy lifestyle and diet changes.

Weight loss drugs are of different types and could either be natural, chemical, prescription or off the shelf drugs. None of these types are necessarily better but off the shelf drugs could be unsafe since they aren’t tested. Natural weight loss drugs are also good for health conscious people.

They work in different ways. Some boost metabolism and help cut weight by helping your body burn fat faster. They also make work outs effective since you burn more calories. Another way weight loss drugs work is by burning or binding fats. When they bind with fats, they make them large and hence cannot be absorbed into the small intestine for digestion. An example of this drug is orlistat. They burn fats by breaking them down fast through a process called thermogenisis.

Appetite suppressors e.g. didrex, tenuate, belviq, phentamine and many others are also a type of weight loss drug that make you feel full for longer reducing on your calorie intake. You could also use drugs that block digestion of carbohydrates. They work by blocking production of the alpha-amylase enzyme and hence carbohydrates are not digested. This cuts down your weight because less calories are taken up by your body.

Weight loss drugs lead to 5 to 10 percent loss of total body weight and is recommended for people with obesity. Care should be taken when using these drugs since they could have harmful side effects that vary from person to person. There are drugs that are also only for short term periods and are harmful when used over a long time.

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