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Congress had to pull this administration forward on Ukraine: Turner

Reps. Mike Turner and Seth Moulton discuss the additional financial and military aid Congress is looking at further supplying Ukraine with and the concerns over nuclear weapons on ‘Special Report.’

REP. MIKE TURNER: Well, the Congress has had to pull this administration forward, they were slow and reluctant to provide the lethal aid that was necessary, even predicting an early fall of Kyiv and Ukraine. Now, the administration, though, I think, is stepping up to the plate and ensuring that there is timely delivery of weapons. And this new package that the president is talking about, I think that both aides are eastern NATO allies and Ukraine itself that will likely have strong bipartisan support because people know that we’re at a critical juncture. Ukraine at this point has been able to offer some of the advances that Russia has made. We’re sharing finally with them the type of intelligence that gives them the ability to counter Russia’s forward push. And then, of course, now we’re looking at giving them more heavy artillery as they are continuing their fight, the Russian focus on Donbas. So I think it’s a critical time. I think Congress is going to be there with support. 


Lawmakers weigh options to further help Ukraine Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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