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The Best Weight Loss Pills

There a lot of varying weight loss solutions that are available out there including drugs, pills and natural supplements. Most of these products claim to assist in weight reduction in a number of ways such as reducing your appetite to help lower your calorie intake, reduce absorption of nutrients, especially fat or increasing your capacity for your body to burn fat. The following are among the best weight loss pills and supplements that you can check with your doctor to assist you in your weight loss program:


These pills have been in production for more than ten years and still stands as one of the most popular choice for weigh loss supplements. It contains a number of ingredients such as caffeine and several plant extracts which are believed to help in weight reduction. One study shows that it caused an average loss of weight of 21 pounds for individuals who used it for three months. It is not recommended for anyone who is sensitive to caffeine since it may cause nausea, anxiety, nausea and irritability.


Orlistat is one of the best weight loss pills that can either be acquired over the counter as Alli or as a prescription from the doctor under the name Xenical. It works by lowering the breakdown of fat in the body hence leading to fewer calorie intake. According to a review that featured 11 studies, Orlistat can increase the average weight loss by 6 pounds compared to placebo pills. It has also been shown to slightly reduce blood sugar in individuals as well as reduction in the risk of contracting type-2 diabetes. This drug has a lot of digestive side effects such as frequent bowel movement, loose stools as well as inhibition of the absorption of vitamins that are soluble in fats such as vitamins A, D,E and K.

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