Venison recipes

The basics of venison hamburger recipe.

The basics of venison hamburger recipe

The manner in which venison is prepared is a little bit different from beef. Since this is deer meat, it is usually leaner as compared to other meat. What need to be considered while starting a venison hamburger recipe is that venison is not rich enough in fat. Caution should therefore be taken to avoid your delicacy from drying out. Add enough fat to enable a pleasant texture with the best taste at the end.

Ingredients required include.

  • 2 lb venison and some ground pork
  • 2 tbsp. garlic and ground onion
  • Two egg whites
  • A tsp olive oil
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Four slices cheese
  • Half cut bugger buns
  • Black pepper if you want it hot.

To begin, sauté garlic and onion into the olive oil and allow to cool. Meanwhile, mix the pork fat, egg whites and venison in one medium sized bowl. Add these to the sauté and give them time so that the flavor can deepen. Once this is achieved shape the ground mixture of venison into desired patties which could be five or six.

The top secret of venison hamburger recipe is to heavily season the sides of the patties with salt and pepper if you want it hot. You then add the patties into olive oil and allow to cook for about four minutes, each time flipping the other side till they all turn golden brown. Add slices of cheese to the hot patties and allow to melt. It is a good idea to toast the buns after which you can place desired amount of patties, slices of tomatoes and onions and let them be sandwiched between two halves buns.

This is pretty cool venison hamburger recipe that you can teach your kids and get off the hook of spending on hamburger each time they feel like one. With homemade recipe, you get to choose from numerous toppings like lettuce, pickles or fried egg to accompany your burger.

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