Pinto Beans Nutrition.

Pinto Beans Nutrition

When combined with brown rice, or whichever selection of whole grain food, pinto beans nutrition value makes it a fat free and high quality protein meal. These beans can be dried and canned or prepackaged into containers, thus availed throughout the year. It encompasses a beige color with scattered reddish brown strips, hence the name ‘pinto’, which means painted in Spanish. However, Timetable-Cooking-Dried-Beans-Legumes_herowhen the beans are cooked, the beige and brownish color disappears into a pink blush form.

The Health Benefits

Similarly to other bean types, pinto sources low-cholesterol and fiber, essential content in nutritious meals. The composition of the fiber content in the bean controls, thus preventing blood sugar level from rising above normal level. As such, it is an ideal healthy meal for patients suffering from hypoglycemia and diabetes conditions.

As mentioned earlier, when combined with whole grain foods, pinto beans offers high fat-free protein feast. Additionally, the bean has surplus molybdenum, which is a constituent that increases the production of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, proteins and minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, potassium and iron among other ingredients.

Re-examine a chart encompassing foods with high fiber content. You will notice that legumes occupy the top spot. In fact, according to nutritionist, a cupful of pinto beans nutrition sources 15 grams fiber content. When consumed, some fiber form soluble gel-like gist in the digest tract. This substance coalesces with the bile, thus carrying out the cholesterol present in the bile. On the contrary, insoluble fiber benefits the human digestive system by augmenting stool bulk, thus prevents constipation, also countering digestive dilemmas such as bowel syndrome.

Lowers heart attack risks – in a research that has lasted for over 25 years, and incorporating over 16,000 individuals across Europe, the researchers unveiled that the population with higher percentage of legume consumption in their diet had an enormous 82% decrease in heart attack threats. The study indicates that participants consuming at least 21 grams of fiber every day lessen chances of coronary heart condition (CHD) by 12%. In fact, the population with high water-soluble fiber diet lowered the CHD by 15%.

Pinto bean nutrition has other constituents other than fiber; high amounts of magnesium, folate and potassium. The folate reduces the amount of amino acid which is essential in metabolic processes. Plenty supply of magnesium in blood arteries and veins increases relaxation effect due to increased blood flow, thus consistence supply of oxygen and nutrients in the body.

Above-mentioned are the health benefits of consuming pinto beans. The fitness benefits are endless. Therefore, eat this fit diet and live happy!

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