Pinto Beans Calories – the Cooked & Dry Beans

Pinto Beans Calories – the Cooked & Dry Beans

Naturally, pinto beans are rich in healthy calorie, fiber, protein, minerals and sodium. In a ½ cup serving of these beans, 143 calories are supplied to the body. In some cases, depending on the recipe, pinto bean is paired with whole grain foods such as brown rice, thus increasing its low-fat effect in the long run. Additionally, it is paired with either shredded cabbage or spinach, this are healthy veggies. The pinto beans calories factor does not support addition of food dressing/toppings owing to fat surplus effects.

Nutritional Profile of Cooked Pinto Bean

Other than the above-mentioned constituents in beans, it is rich in folic acid. This chemical element is essential in preventing development of heart diseases. Furthermore, pinto beans source a non-lactic calcium supplement rare in healthy diets. This supplement is very soluble in dietary fiber. It is essential in reducing the body’s cholesterol level; also the estrogen present as seen in vegetable origin, regulates cancer related conditions, which are caused by hormone activities.

Does dried pinto bean offer any healthy benefits? Presently, restaurants and fast-food outlet are responding to the growing demand by customers for healthy diet serving. The pinto bean calorie content, other than its easy cuisine potential, this legume diet is a wise and perhaps the healthiest selection whenever dining at restaurants. When using recipes to prepare pinto beans, affirm that the composition of calories in the diet is modest.

Why should you cook pinto beans and not eat them raw? Different varieties of beans contain different class of lectin – protein constituents. When consumed raw, this protein in beans influences digestion by affecting the cell membranes responsible for the process. As such, it causes food poisoning, whereas cooking destroys the poison.

Eating a Healthy Calorie Bean choice

When adhering to a health and fitness regimen, pinto beans are ideal weight management recipe ingredients. Why? Because of the calorie composition in the legume plant, at 143 calories per serving, and which is reduced when the bean is paired with whole grain, this meal keeps you full for longer. Fat content in legume plants is very low – this calorie-dense property is minimal compared to proteins and other carbohydrate foods. When you combine legumes with fiber and exercise regularly, you lose weight faster. Not that, fiber contains zero calories.

Bottom-line – cooked pinto beans calories are healthy, unlike raw beans which are poisonous leading to diarrhea.

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