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The latest drug approved for weight loss in December 2014 is Saxenda, also called liraglutide, which is administered via injections. Though effective, one has to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good healthy habits through diet and regular physical exercise. It is also approved for long term use since it is of reduced strength as compared with other pills with harmful side effects when used over long periods of time.

Saxenda works by targeting the parts of the brain that are involved with appetite and satiety. It makes you feel full for longer by interfering with your hunger signals, making you eat less, thus reducing on calorie intake and your chances of overeating are very low. It also slows gastric emptying, making you feel satisfied for longer.

It is associated with pancreatitis, nausea and vomiting and administered once a day. Since Saxenda is a new weight loss drug, it is not proven to cause thyroid tumors in human beings but has however been observed to cause thyroid tumors in animals. This is a risk factor in the use of the drug and you should therefore discuss these side effects they can cause with your doctor extensively before using Saxenda.

Use of this new weight loss drug leads to about loss of 18.6 pounds. Most users lose about 5 to 10 percent of their total body weight. Besides lowering weight, it has been found to improve cardiovascular risk factors, and also reduce the advancement of type 2 diabetes from diabetes, hence improving quality of life and lowers risk of heart disease.

Saxenda is a new weight loss drug that is simply a higher dose of the drug Victoza that’s used for diabetes and is intended for people who are obese with a BMI index of 30 or overweight people with medical problems such as high blood pressure.

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