Make Pinto Beans Crock Pot Recipe Easily.

Make Pinto Beans Crock Pot Recipe Easily

When you think about pinto beans crock pot, what does it remind you? Does the thought take you back to the grandma days? Gone are the days when traditional cooking was used to boil beans. In modern-day age, the crock pot is effective to the old-fashioned and time-consuming boiling method.

The crock pot is often used in western countries, particularly Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. This method incorporates countertop appliance which are used to boil the pinto beans. This procedure requires low temperature compared to boiling & baking.

Beans dishes are easy to prepare. Additionally, there are plenty recipes one can adhere to and which uses pinto beans as the main ingredient. Using the crock pot is the easy way of serving dinner, particularly if you work for longer hours or spend much time outdoor. In this case, the beans are seasoned with; salt, bacon fat, pepper, and ham etc. Consider the following recipe:


  • 1 yellow onion
  • ½ bell pepper (green in color).
  • ½ fresh cilantro
  • 2 large tomatoes (fresh from the market).
  • 1 bag of pinto beans – uncooked.
  • ¾ bacon slices.
  • Salt, garlic salt, rosemary, pepper and Cajun spices


  • Using a large cock pot, fill the beans and begin to slice onions and drop them into the beans. Slice the half-sieved bell pepper and add to the pot.
  • Slice the bacon into even inches or pieces and pour Rotel into the pinto beans crock pot. Clean the tomatoes and slice into the pot. Also wash the cilantro and remove the stems, you can cut the cilantro with its stems into the pot although not recommended. The leafy green part is nutritious.
  • Add the remaining herbs in even proportion, but affirm that the rosemary addition is very little. A small amount of rosemary sources the ideal touch.
  • Add water to the crock pot. Usually, 4 inches is the maximum water requirement over the beans in the crock pot. When beans commence cooking, it absorbs the water. It is possible to add warm water whilst cooking, however, cold water will make the beans to split.
  • This cooking takes about 8 hours. It is possible to cook faster on high temperature, but low heat is recommended for even results.

Pinto beans crock pot cooking recipe gives you the best serving beans for dinner with barbecue.

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