Low carb breakfast

Low Carb Fast Food

Low Carb Fast Food

In order to stick to any diet, preparing your food in advance is a crucial measure. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes we find ourselves having to stop by a food restaurant. Your schedule can get crazy, or stay later than usual at work and the time to cook evades us. You should not worry just yet, there are still other possible ways for you to stick to your low-carb diet. Here are a few for you to consider:

If possible, avoid processed food

It is common knowledge that processed food is really bad for you. One of the options you can go for when you cannot find the chance to cook is go for the rotisserie chicken at any convenient store around you. They cost about $5-$10. In some stores, you can be lucky enough to find organic chicken to act as your low carb fast food substitute. However, in case you are on a strict low-carb diet such as the Atkins or Ketogenic diets, you can opt to eat the chicken with half an avocado, and spinach salad plus a low-carb dressing such as Peri Peri.

Tips to help you choose low carb fast foods

  • First and foremost, take care before eating dressings and sauces. Sometimes they might contain high amounts of sugar as well as carbs that are not even listed as part of the ingredients. Instead of mattered or breaded chicken, go for either roasted, broiled or grilled. If none of these options are available, you might want to peel the chicken’s skin off to reduce the amount of carbs.
  • A burger wrapped in lettuce is also a good choice for a low carb fast food. You can also remove the bun and eat the rest of the burger with a fork.
  • Another really good option is to ask for salads with any type of low-carb dressing on the side from the fast food restaurant.

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The best idea here is to engage the kids in every bit of your healthy snacks recipes. Of cause a snack needs lots of fruits to make it as healthy as possible.

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