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Katie Pavlich: Biden’s disinformation chief belongs on Broadway, not in a government job

Katie Pavlich gave her take on the leader of the Disinformation Governance Board on ‘The Five.’ 

KATIE PAVLICH: The fact that there is even a position like this proves that the government is far too bloated and that they just think they can create all of these positions that aren’t the government’s role, first of all, but certainly shouldn’t be funded by taxpayers through the government for them to do this. This woman has spent a ton of time on TikTok, which is the Chinese Communist Party’s largest espionage tool in the world. I find that an interesting thing, given her experience, according to the press secretary, of bringing a lot of perspective on disinformation to this job when she spent so much time on TikTok engaging on that platform. Seems to me she belongs on Broadway, not in a government job and it also proves that the White House just isn’t really reading the room. The Department of Homeland Security is not reading the room. 

This article was written by Fox News staff.

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