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How to make ground beef and sausage recipes

How to make ground beef and sausage recipes

It is at times a brilliant idea to try out such recipes at home especially if you have children that love sausages and such products. There is no point in purchasing such at the grocery each time more so if you own one meat grinder at home. Making ground beef and sausage recipe by yourself also gives you the best opportunity to try out all the spices you can think of and eventually get the best that you shall all love as a family.

Ground beef and sausage recipes will require that you have a meat grinder in your kitchen as well as sharp knife. The ingredients include roasts of meat, salt to taste, sage, oil, black and red pepper. The quantity will depend on the amount you need to attain. Start off your recipe by keenly slashing off heavy fat from the roasts. You will be left with boneless beef which you should cut into cubes of two inches which are then grounded.

A mixture of other ingredients of salt, sage and pepper are then added onto the ground beef. These are then grounded together once more to enable the meat mix well with the spices as it should. This is what is then used to make patties to the desired sausage shapes.

The ground beef and sausage recipes will be incomplete if the patties are not yet fried. Deep fry the patties in some oil, making sure that you use medium heat till they all turn golden brown. However, you could also have some of the patties stored in freezer bags for future use. Once frozen, they can stay as long as you want and only get a portion to prepare for breakfast each time you feel like beef sausages.

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The best idea here is to engage the kids in every bit of your healthy snacks recipes. Of cause a snack needs lots of fruits to make it as healthy as possible.

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