Venison recipes

Grilling venison backstrap recipe

Grilling venison backstrap recipe

Venison is very tender and this makes it a delicious dish which can be cooked using different methods. These include frying, which needs high heat to cook though may depend on whether it is being deep fried or the simple stir frying. Roasting is another venison backstrap recipe which is loved for whole loin and requires about ten minutes to properly roast one side.

What suits this recipe best is grilling as most people can attest to. You can cut the backstraps to streaks or better still, just do it whole. The ingredients required for the grilling process include

  • Half a cup of olive oil
  • A quarter cup of soy sauce
  • Two tbs vinegar and some salt
  • Half cup Worcestershire and red sauce.

For properly prepared grilled venison, you need to start by marinating the backstraps with the spices mixed up well. This is then left for a while to enable penetration of the marinade into your venison. Rubbing of other flavor adding spices is the next step to take. These include of garlic, black pepper, salt and any other spice as per your choice. Use enough coat to enable the backstraps have the desired taste when grilling is up.

Grilling venison backstrap recipe is such a fun for many especially for a get together party with friends. Use charcoal as this is possible to control the amount of heat as you get yourselves hooked up into those high school stories. Care should be taken to grill it to the desired level and avoid drying too much to preserve the juicy part within. This can then be eaten on its own or taken down with rice or chapatti. If it’s a hot afternoon, make it chill down your throat with a bottle of cold soda or a glass of juice.

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