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Florida mother shares powerful story of adopting abortion survivor

Terri Kellogg, mother of an abortion survivor, shared her story on “The Ingraham Angle Town Hall” in Orlando, Florida, of how it had been placed on her heart to adopt Hope Hoffman after surviving an attempted abortion.

TERRI KELLOGG: When we decided that we wanted to adopt, I was going to be a special education teacher, so I was open to special needs children and I knew that they were hard to place. And that’s how I was open to when I heard about Hope and her special needs through this Christian adoption agency. … It had been placed on my heart. And she’s been a blessing. It’s been what we know, and it’s been difficult, but I mean, being a mother is difficult, period. But the blessings have far outweighed it. God, he’s just opened doors for us to share our story, which, you know, is it takes a lot for someone to understand exactly what happened. 


And when we share it, like what happened to her head and we tell her, when we tell people, when she was 10 weeks gestation, like you had said that, which would have been about the size of this little baby, first trimester. And that’s when her birth mom went and had an abortion and thought it had worked and it didn’t. And she left not knowing she was still pregnant. And then she felt movement at five-and-a-half months and then she chose life. She chose adoption and didn’t know anything was wrong with her. And then she delivered early and then they knew they were going to have to place her with this special needs adoption agency. 


Mother of abortion survivor shares her story Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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