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Douglas Murray: Even ‘dead White male’ Aristotle can be de-platformed by the left thousands of years later

Author Douglas Murray criticizes The Washington Post for attacking ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) for being a racist during a Fox Nation special that aired on Sunday night called “The War on the West.”

DOUGLAS MURRAY: This remorseless attack on the West has attacked Western peoples, its attacked Western history. It’s also attacked Western ideas, the foundational ideas that we have. Every single foundational thinker in the West has now been assaulted through the dead White male lens. Aristotle was recently attacked in The Washington Post for being, ‘the grandfather of scientific racism’ … So you can now de-platform Aristotle, 3,000 years later … The idea that these people 2,500 ago happened not to share all of our views is now used against them. It’s also some of the thinkers who we credit in the West as being the people who came up with the concepts of rationalism, of reason. Voltaire in France, David Hume in the United Kingdom, and many more. This [is a] complete clearing away of the intellectual terrain of the past. 

Douglas Murray lambasts the 'remorseless attack on the West' Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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