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Best Weight Loss Pills for Women

Weight loss pills have become popular among women in the U.S in recent times. However, most doctors still advise that exercise and healthy diets should be the main focus even for women who are taking these drugs. Usually, a doctor will only prescribe these pills when your BMI reaches 30 or higher combined with a condition that is directly related to your weight such as high blood pressure or type-2 diabetes. Before taking weight loss pills, ensure that your doctor knows all about your medical history including allergies, pregnancy and the use of any other medication or supplements.

The following are some of the best weight loss pills for women available today:


Orlisat works by blocking up to a third of your fat intake after a meal. As a brand, it goes by the name Xenical if prescribed by a doctor. It is also available in a non-prescribed version called Alli which contains half the dose as that in Xenical. it is approved for long-term use and its side effects may include: inability to control bowel movement, abdominal cramping and passing gas. Generally, the side effects are mild and do not last long but they get worse with high fat intakes.


This is a combination of bupropion and naltrexone, both FDA approved drugs. When used alone, bupropion treats seasonal affective disorder, depression and stopping people from smoking on the other hand, naltrexone treats alcohol dependence. These two drugs act as weight loss pills when combined. the side effects of using contrive include: nausea, headaches, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth and diarrhea.


Belviq works by curbing your appetite which leads to lower intakes of food and therefore weight loss. It is approved for long term use and is not recommended for people with diabetes. Its sides effects include: dizziness, headache, dry mouth, fatigue as well as constipation.

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